Reclaim Your Power

Are you ready to transform your life and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

If you are thinking, “Yes Keli, duh!!!” Then this experience is for you!

This is also for you if:

You are being held back by your own inner blocks and you are not sure why.

Anxiety, stress, and fear are dictating your actions.

You having a hard time opening up your heart to new possibilities in your life journey.

It’s hard for you to let go of the past to let you live life in the present moment.

You are living life continuing old habits that aren’t serving you anymore.

You feel stuck, just thinking that this is the way your life has to be.

You are ready to return to a more balanced life, and feel more grounded.

You are ready to feel more calm and centered in your daily life.

You want the tools to help switch up your energy when hardships come your way.

You want to create a daily practice and you need someone to hold you accountable.

You are ready to step into your Divine Feminine Power!

It’s time to UpLift your life!

There are tools that can be given in order to help you feel more at peace, centered, and in control of your life.

These tools can be just what you need in order to transform yourself.

Welcome to the realm of transformation.

This transformational guided experience will be a total of 2 months together (8 sessions), meeting every week (on the same day) for 90mins a session.

I will be there to hold you accountable and be there to support you, wherever you are at currently on your journey.

Reclaim Your Power Program


  • A 30 minute consultation video chat to talk about what you would like to heal and shift in your life journey at this moment.
  • 8 curated and recorded 90 minute one on one coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Each session can contain hypnotherapy to transmute limiting beliefs, or emotional release techniques supporting you in releasing emotions that are currently holding you back.
  • Dynamic, authentic healing Kundalini Yoga Kriya’s purely designed just for you.
  • Clear guided pranayama breath work, healing mantras, invigorating movement to increase your vitality and clarity within.
  • Tarot readings in the beginning of each session to bring some insight.
  • Curated toolbox including breath works and meditations to EMPOWER yourself and practice on your own, sent after each session.
  • A mantra toolkit sent to you with translations, and song recommendations.
  • Reiki energy healing will be sent to you during the rest portion at the end of our session to promote deep relaxation and healing after each session.
  • Communication with me through Voxer during our 8 weeks together to get extra support and accountability.
  • Other spiritual homework may be offered during to help further support your self healing journey.


1 hour Deep Rooted healing session: Reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, channeled animal spirit guides to promote flow and clarity within.

($133 Value)

8 Kundalini Classes that will be sent to you to have in your tool box for life.

($222 Value)

I’ve struggled with so many things, especially relating to confidence, self acceptance and believing in myself. I’ve tried everything under the sun, therapy, journals extreme diet changes, fasting, not fasting. You name it, I’ve probably tried it more than once. Existing in my own skin was uncomfortable. When I started doing group kundalini classes with Keli things started to change, they really helped guide me further along the path of self love and acceptance. When Keli offered me the one on one Transformational Guided Experience, I jumped at the chance to get a bespoke programme made just for me! We had a consultation where I told her what I wanted to focus on/ what I was struggling with. She made a whole entire class including meditations and exercises based off what I needed and we had an hour session were we worked through them together. She then sent me them so I could do them in my own time until I next wanted a one on one session. The class left me feeling so amazing and I loved having the personal attention that only one on one session can offer. Fantastic service and amazing programme. Would recommend  it to anyone, especially if you are struggling or feeling low and don’t feel confident enough to be in a classroom setting. Keli truly cares about helping people and will make you feel supported and help you on your journey to self love and healing.

-Sara Whitney

Keli is amazing. My guided experience was amazing.
My first impression of Keli was that she has a wonderful, warm energy, and is highly attuned. During our initial consult, Keli asked good and thought-provoking questions and, for a newcomer like me, she explained what the session would be like and provided some background on Kundalini as well as several resources I consulted prior to our session. Our session was incredible. I loved that she used several mediums (tarot, Kundalini, and Reiki) to create a program unique to my goals and state/being, and the amount of thought and care that went into creating it was obvious. She gently explained things as we went through the session and used cards to visually assist with mantras, without ever breaking the energy she had created, and enabling me to fully participate and understand the process. Afterwards, I felt a huge and profound shift of energy. I was able to continue the work we did in that session with a 40-day meditation that she provided me and by referencing the mantras she included. Keli also provided me with a number of different resources to help me continue my Kundalini education. Throughout this experience, Keli has been extremely responsive, has provided a ton of information, and has been highly supportive and encouraging. Keli is highly skilled and her love of her crafts is contagious.

-Katya Miller

Choosing to do the personal kundalini experience with Keli was amazing! I really wanted to focus on my anxiety and “letting go” of thoughts and patterns that hold me back in everyday life. Keli started by getting to know me with a zoom call before we had our one on one kundalini session. We discussed what I was looking for and she was so easy to open up to and made me feel so comfortable. After our first meeting, she put together a custom one on one 90 minute kundalini class for us to do via zoom together. We started the session with a little check in, she also did a tarot reading for me, which really resonated, it was so cool, and then the 90 minutes began! This class FLEW by, I couldn’t believe it was 90 minutes. I felt so relaxed, so free, and so in tune afterwards.. it was also a really fun class!! Following the class, Keli set me up with a 90 day meditation. She followed up with our session and sent me a mantra to meditate to. I AM OBSESSED. It feels so great to start the day with this, whether it be 3 minutes or 20 minutes, or at the end of the day to wind down. I am so grateful to Keli and can’t wait to continue to work with her. She is very knowledgeable and has a way of making you feel so comfortable. 10/10 recommend!!

-Megan Henderson

Kundalini is the activator of magic!

Let’s create magic!

This experience is only for those that are:

  • Ready to heal and start the work within.
  • Ready to shift your life.
  • Wants to find joy in your life here on earth.
  • Are spiritually inclined.
  • Believes that I can support you through this journey together.
  • I am ready for you!

Hi loves!

My name is Keli Langner and I am a certified Kundalini Yoga guide and have used this practice to heal profoundly. It has helped me shine and really step into my sovereign self. I have completed 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga training through Yoga Tree San Francisco, and 200 hours of Kundalini Yoga training with Gurmukh in Berkeley, California. Kundalini Yoga has brought me so much clarity in my life. It has strengthened my body, mind, and soul. It was the first practice that let me really dive deep within, helping me find my true self. It has connected me to my heart, heal old wounds, and expand in ways I never knew possible. Since this practice has helped me heal so profoundly, I believe that it is my duty to pass on these tools to others to see if they can help them heal as well. 

Book with me now- I am ready for you!!

All of this for ONLY $1,555

Payment Plans available ❤

1 Session: $222

Book a DISCOVERY call down below to connect with me and sign up for this TRANSFORMATIONAL experience with me! 🙂 I am SOUL excited to meet you!!

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