Conscious Alchemy

Calling in all New Earth Feminine Leaders:

The old paradigm is falling, and we need YOU more than ever.

Ready to step into that leadership role to become the CREATRIX of your new reality?

In this new paradigm we are deconstructing from old ways, we are doing things in new ways that serve our highest expression, we are stepping into our POWER.

Stepping into DEEPER alignment with your Next Level YOU in your Biz.

Learning how to seek LESS and ALLOW more!

Getting out of Old Hustle culture and Patriarchy ways of toxic masculine are over.

Are you Ready to drop all the hustle and grind, the burn out, the stress of “doing it all” just to be successful in your Business?

Are you ready to step into your next level you?

Are you wondering how you make it feel safe to your system in order to grow and evolve to the highest expression of YOU?

*You support your nervous system!

*You practice self care and self intimacy.

*You have FUN and bring more pleasure into your life only doing what feels good to you.

*You get clear on your desires, your shadows, your resistance, and blockages- & use tools to transmute that energy into STRENGTH and peace within.

*You deconstruct your subconscious from old programming &limiting beliefs no longer serving you and reprogram your mind to serve you.

YOU BECOME A CONSCIOUS ALCHEMIST of your life and your business beautiful SOUL!

If this lights something within you, then I have the PERFECT journey for you love!

Welcome to Conscious Alchemy, a place where I am here to support you in becoming the highest expression of YOU!

Through this 9 month adventure we will be shedding the layers that you have picked up over your life, that are truly blocking you from being in your full power love.

I will be guiding you into this new paradigm, that you will get to decide on what beliefs and ways of being you want to bring with you to your present way of being.

With expansion we are needing to learn to and be able to support your next level you, which has all to do with your NERVOUS SYSTEM!

You are YOUR business.

Our nervous system is our most POWERFUL tool. This is literally the system in which allows us to be Human, To feel safe and held within every situation. The stronger our nervous system, the stronger we are, the more we can hold.

Alchemist= someone who transforms energy for the better.

We are technically all Alchemists in this life, it’s a matter of being CONSCIOUS within transmutation of energy or not.

And I know that if you are running a biz- you are wanting to become the best conscious alchemist of your biz.

You want to grow, evolve and EXPAND! I see you queen.

And I know that with growing your business comes hardship, trials and tribulations.

Because our biz and who we are right now are sooooo interconnected.

So focusing on our health and wellness as we grow our business is a no brainier.

Hey Love, I’m Keli! ❤

I am an expert in energy alchemy, and nervous system regulation. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga guide, Reiki energy Healer, and women’s empowerment coach.

I have used these modalities to heal profoundly within myself to help me shine and step into my sovereign self. Getting attuned as an energy healer has helped me tap into my intuition and be guided more clearly by my Spirit Guides and Ancestors.

Kundalini Yoga has brought me so much clarity in my life. It has strengthened my body, mind, and soul. Supported me in strengthening and regulating my nervous system to hold the next level me as I continue to uplevel in my life. Through my journey I have been able to connect to my heart, heal old wounds, and expand in ways I never knew possible.

Since these practices have helped me expand and evolve exponentially in my personal life and business, I believe that it is my duty to pass on these tools to help YOU evolve as well. My passion in life is supporting other women in gaining confidence within and being able to share tools to assist you in stepping into your POWER!

Keli’s womxn’s Community is a beautiful example of the transformational power of deep human connection and inner work in a safe and nurturing environment. It was an amazing opportunity for me to be able to grow and reclaim my power, while feeling unconditionally safe, loved, and supported by a group of amazing and powerful women. I went into the class knowing very little about what we would be learning in the coming weeks, and came out of it with a much deeper understanding of my own mind and body, as well as the powerful connections between them. While I still have much more work to do in my journey of growth and self discovery, the tools and guidance this class has given me has made me feel confident and prepared for the path ahead.“- CC

How we up level in our Business and in our lives and what we will be focusing on over the next 9 months together:














{Example outline of first few months of program (not in exact order)}

Month 1: Self Mastery

Discovering our road map to success &finding clarity.

The first month we will be getting clear on our desires, our brand, our messaging in our business and life.

We will have our Human Design expert with us that month in order to understand our true essence, how we can use that to support us how we come out into our business.

Month 2: Our Shadow becomes our greatest Ally

Digging deep to transmute Resistance and Blockages holding you back using conscious alchemy.

Get super clear on our resistances and blockages that are stopping us from getting there- and learning the tools to support you dissolving them.

Month 3: Dissolving the old paradigm

Deconstruction of Old Ways &reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Gaining clarity around old limiting beliefs, old programming, and learning how to reprogram your mind to become the ultimate creatrix of your dream reality.

We will have an epic guest speaker Jenna Brown to support us in changing the way we think about money, to support you in magnetizing more of it into your lives!

Month 4: I am Safe in my body, mind, and Soul to hold what I DESIRE

All things Nervous System & Manifestation.

This month we are going to go deep into Nervous System regulation, why it’s the most important thing to do to support you in your expansion, and ways to start manifesting all of your desires.

We will have a powerful class led by womb priestess Taraney Nicole where she will support us in manifestation through our womb portals!

Month 5: I am a Divine Feminine Leader

Stepping into new Age Feminine Leadership, using the divine masculine within me for structure.

Guest Speaker and new aged femme business leader Jenna Faye Madden will be guiding us in how we can anchor this in our business.

Divine Feminine and Masculine embodiment.


I will be guiding you in your journey using tools, practices and modalities such as: *Kundalini Yoga, *Timeline therapy, *hypnosis, *EFT tapping, *somatic healing, *subconscious rewiring, *self intimacy practices, *sound healing, *light language, *shadow work, *branding, *vision boarding, *meridian point alchemy, to name a few.

Just finished my second women’s community with Keli. I find myself feeling much more confident in myself and my outlook that I am in control and how to harness my masculine and feminine POWER.  I recommend Keli’s courses to all my sisters out there who are seeking guidance in discovering their truth. With all that’s going on in the World today, The Universe is telling us it’s time to invest in ourselves, it’s never been a better time to strengthen your nervous system and BE STRONG. I see myself taking the next few months to integrate the experience I have gained here and I’m excited to see how I manifest this energy into my personal goals and dreams.  Another wonderful perk is that all these materials and lessons are saved on Keli’s Teachable portal for you to return to and access any time you please.  An excellent tool in my growing life skills toolbox.” -KH

Why 9 months?

This is how long is takes to conceive and have a baby.

Our business is basically like our baby in life.

I know that if you are an entrepreneur, this business is a BIG DEAL.

You have put so much time and effort into it, because its all yours!

And you should be so proud of yourself, no matter where you currently are at.

Just by making the commitment to create something that’s your own is HUGE, congrats love!

It is hard work being self employed, and I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to do it by yourself.

This is a BIG lesson that Ive learned time& time again- that you don’t have to carry it ALL on your shoulders.

YOU get to have support, and your nervous system is always thanking you for doing so.

It takes a village love, remember that!

“Being in Keli’s community made me realize what my calling is and how I should not be afraid of surrendering myself to my truest self.” -DB

In this 9 month journey, every month you get –

{We start March 4th 2022}

*1 90 min group training class.

*1 90 min goddess circle and healing class: Including rituals, chanting ceremonies, awakening to our magic within.

*1 specialized guest speaker a month to support you in your Expansion.

*I will be gifting you extra tools during these 9 months to better support you- hypnosis processes, eft tapping exercises, breath work activation practices, healing mantras, etc.

*Community of sisters and like minded spiritual entrepreneurs to connect with and collaborate with if called to.

*Optional cleanses and detox practices to support your whole being and clear your channel.

*Optional book club– reading 1 book a month that will further support us in our expansion and growth.

*You get access to Lunar Abundance: Magnetize with the Moon Membership including ways to regulate your nervous system through Sound Healing and Kundalini Yoga. (This membership has an event once a week to support you) ($540 Value)

*You get access to my 2x a month Kundalini Activation Classes held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, plus replays to support you for LIFE. ($555 Value)

*You get LIFETIME access to Chakra Alignment Series– My self paced chakra healing course, supporting you in coming into Divine Alignment. ($444 Value)

[Most Classes will be held on Fridays 10am PST, 3 Fridays of each month]

Meet our beautiful and ACTIVATING Guest Speakers:

(There will be 9 in total, TBD what the group is wanting to learn)

Jessica Soares is an empowerment coach, pleasure activist, and embodiment facilitator who is wildly passionate about liberation. She believes that pleasure and play are the most sacred way of life and lead is to deeper presence and that the key to our empowerment, lies in reconnecting with our bodies. She loves being barefoot in the sand, dancing under the moon, and indulging in 4 hour long meals with friends. 

Hi my name is Caitlin Akan and I am an intuitive Human Design reader & intentional space holder. I empower people to reconnect to who their Soul truly came here to be. I guide others to integrate and embody their life’s roadmap using Human Design so that they can start effortlessly embracing their unique skills and talents & leave behind the conditioning that no longer serves them.

Hi my name is Jenna Brown. I am a healer, activator, and business coach. My role here is to help you remember the light of which you are. The healer within you has always been you, and always will be you. I am a momma to 3 little wild things, wife to my crazy adventurous husband, and we are currently living in Sedona, Arizona. My role here on earth is to activate, nourish and heal. I do this through many modalities, but my favorites to use are hypnotherapy, energy healing, human design … and various other healing modalities! I am passionate about living life in my feminine wisdom, and innate nature and it’s my joy and honor to hold space to activate that together in this community.

Jenna Faye Madden is an internationally acclaimed leadership mentor and 7 figure conscious business coach.

She is the CEO of Soul Meets Strategy® and specializes in guiding conscious female entrepreneurs to activate their leadership and accelerate their business profitability to multiple 6 figures and beyond.


I support women in Sovereignty + Sensuality to embody full spectrum femininity. By cultivating an inner world of love, beauty, & wisdom all things are possible. My work focuses on attuning your body + mind with the infinite wealth of your spirit. This is deep work. You will learn to embrace the wildness that thrives in the paradox of your pleasure + pain. We will work Temple Priestess Arts + Somatic Therapy to rebirth your life into who you have always meant to become.
My online programs, trainings, private mentorships, retreats, & sacred healing sessions are portals for your next level embodiment.

My mission is to assist you in becoming the best, most empowered version of yourself. Together we are redefining what Feminine Power looks like in the world.

Christine James-Stern: Founder of SPIRITED LLC
Christine is a transformational Spiritual/Life Coach and gifted Energy Healer/Messenger who bridges between Heaven and Earth.  Her passion is to reflect the love, power, and wisdom within, helping you break free from the illusions and limitations that prevent you from knowing and being your Divine Self. Together you find unique personalized solutions to realign and reconnect back with your True Center, feeling empowered to discover, grow, and rise above so you can live from the Light of Your Soul in joy and wholeness. 

Conscious Alchemy is for you love if…

*You are a spiritual entrepreneur who identifies as a womxn.

*Any stage of your business is welcome.

*You are ready to UPlevel in your business.

*You are ready to scale

*You are looking to start embodying your HIGHEST expression of you.

*You are ready to take the leap of faith, and have the universe delight you by doing so.

*You are ready to let go of old self sabotaging cycles.

*You are ready to become a magnet for your desires.

*You are ready to quantum leap in your journey.

“Keli’s community is full of amazing support and energy! In addition to her fun, inviting vibe, she brings comprehensive energy techniques and knowledgeable guest experts to guide us through our sessions. I always finish up feeling invigorated and inspired at the end, with plenty of new tools to keep me focused and practicing! Keli’s circle is definitely a must if you’re looking to mix focused spirituality and healing with more than a little fun.” -LZ

investment for Conscious Alchemy:


$1,555 a month

$822 a month

$444 a month

Extra VIP Add on: Get 6 1:1 Coaching Sessions throughout the program $1,111

My love letter to you-

Sis, I see you putting so much love and effort into your business, and into your life. I know its not always easy, but you should be so proud of yourself for going out and getting after it. For never giving up on yourself. I know that all the information out there can be so much and overwhelming sometimes. I know that it’s sometimes hard to know what to do next. But as long as you keep moving forward, as long as you keep believing in yourself, I know you will do big things! That is what we are on this earth to do and your SOUL knows this on a deep level. Whatever you do, remember how amazing you are, remember all the things you have already accomplished, remember what a miracle you truly are, and Just keep swimming! ❤ Keli

Want to connect to see if this is the right fit for you? Book a discovery call below, I cant wait to meet you! 🙂

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