Deep Rooted Healing

Reactivate the Inner Healer, that you already have inside of yourself!

Did you know that we are all born healers? Our body is born to heal!

What stops us from being able to heal?

What creates dis-ease in the body?

Traumas, stress, anxiety, fear, taking on other people’s energy that is not your own.

This all creates blocks in the body, and stops the flow of healing.

Imagine this:

You are reactivating your inner healer within.

You can promote flow within, to heal blocks in your body.

You can relax, and promote better sleep at night.

You have feelings of calmness and well being within.

In your inner being, you can obtain emotional release and unlock suppressed feelings of anything you are holding onto.

You feel at peace, and have a positive outlook on your life journey.

You have mental clarity.

Your self esteem is so much stronger, and you have a heighten self awareness.

You feel as if all of your energy centers are at balance.

You are receiving support because you are in recovery.

Your intuition is so strong, and you trust your instincts.

Did you feel like saying, “Yaass!” To any, if not all of the statements above? Then this Deep Rooted Healing session is just what you’ve been looking for!

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for universal (rei) life energy (ki). It exists in all living things. When our life-force energy is free flowing and balanced, we experience good health and harmony with our true self. 

It is a Holistic Healing System for balancing, healing, and harmonizing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

It is a safe and gentle hands on healing technique, or can be done remotely, for use on yourself, or with others, which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments.

This Healing Session includes:

  • A sensational distant reiki healing session from anywhere you are located.
  • I will channel animal spirit guides in order to assist you in your life path.
  • A tarot card reading to help you get clear of your blockages.
  • The purest balancing of your chakras.
  • All of these are offered to encourage deep rooted healing, and personal and spiritual awareness and growth.
  • Book below, I am ready for you now!

“I did a long distance reiki session with Keli and had an awesome experience. It was both a time for myself to stop and reflect while at the same time gaining insight from someone who knows her stuff! The information she shared with me was both helpful and powerful. In a time when we’re all going a million miles a minute it was truly a pleasure to stop and have someone shed light on what I’m experiencing right now. Not only was there validation but she gave me tools to address what was ailing my spiritual and physical body. That feeling of tears welling up because someone is seeing you in a way others rarely do….that’s what a session with Keli will bring to you!” 

-Alyssa Giffoni

Hello Loves!

My name is Keli Langner. I am Reiki first and second degree certified and had the pleasure of being attuned by Reiki Master Abigail Danielle Tyler. Getting attuned has helped me tap into my intuition and be guided more clearly by my Spirit Guides and Ancestors. I have this deeper trusting of my own self. It has given me the gift of self-sovereignty, being able to truly step into the magical, feminine warrior that I am. I channel in with animal spirit guides on a daily basis to give me support in what I may need to work on each day. Reiki has also brought so much harmony and balance into my life. It has helped me activate this deeper healing within myself that I had no idea was there before. Sharing this magic and healing others has brought so much joy into my life. I can’t wait to connect and support you in your journey as well!

Book now, I am ready for you!

Deep Rooted Healing

60 minute session $211

30 minute session $133

I am SOUL excited to work with you!

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